Sano Amara Memoria

A short, gruff Pexursine engineer of the Hunter-Gratzner, recently obtaining freedom


Race: Pexursine


Phase 1
The Black Shedder of the Herd
Surprisingly Useful
Phase 2
Insert Knob A in Receptor B
Everything Needs to be 10 dB Louder
Phase 3
A Taste of Freedom Smells Green
Earned My First Credit
Phase 4
Jumps Ship Quietly
Humans are Foolish
Phase 5
Buy a Wife
Become a Freesine


Rank 5 Skill
Rank 4 Skills
Engineering (Space)
Rank 3 Skills
Computer (Space)
Rank 2 Skills
Brawling (Combat)
Stamina (Track)
Rank 1 Skills
Close Combat
MicroG (Combat)


Skill Substitute Stamina for Resolve
Claws [Essentially: Knife on hand at all times]
Military Grade Brokerage
Toughened Hide [Essentially: Bulletproof Vest on hand at all times]



Race: Pexursine
Phase 1

The Black Shedder of the Herd:
Sano was born with black hair, rather than the typical blonde, perhaps due to some bastardization or splicing of genes. He’s more intelligent than the average shedder, however, he’s fairly quiet about it. He prefers to exploit the human’s beliefs that he is inferior to them, rather than correct them in their estimation of his abilities. This is one reason he wasn’t noticed being aboard the Hunter-Gratzner until the captain realized the Chief Engineer hadn’t reported in for a few weeks.

Surprisingly Useful:
After the gene-splicing movement came to a halt, due to both a lack of funding and a what appeared a lack of usefulness, Sano was sent to join the general Pexursine slave dens. In that area, he found himself to be higher in aptitude than the average Pexursine, even learning the Human’s language relatively well. Being mixed with this crowd, he was cited as being slightly above average and was immediately shunted into a nearby engineering training camp. Fairly quickly, he was shot off planet and slaved in a fairly large ship, one to haul bulky objects from planet to planet.

Phase 2

Insert Knob A in Receptor B:
Sano is incredibly skilled at the fine manipulation necessary to repair objects normally considered too small, or difficult to fix. With this same skill, he is able to use more objects lying around the ship in novel ways, which would normally be deemed implausible during combat, or critical moments before the ship’s engine fails irreparably.

Everything Needs to be 10 dB Louder:
Due to the area he’s been around his entire life, his hearing has been somewhat damaged. To compensate for this, he actually has obtained a hearing augment, to scale up quiet sounds, but dampen the extremely loud ones. With this, he’s an even more efficient engineer, but he also catches what those foolish Humans have to say about him under their breath. This has made him somewhat skeptical of any Human’s real intentions, leaving him jaded even when interacting with sincere compatriots.

Phase 3

A Taste of Freedom Smells Green:
When Sano’s freedom had been secured, he was surprised at how much more he could accomplish. He suddenly had a bank account with the Pranashakti Guild, mandatory, of course, where he could store his hard earned credits. With a new bank account, he’d be able to liquidate those rare assets he’d gained, in a legitimate fashion. For years now, he’d been siphoning off minute amounts of the catalyst necessary to ignite the plasma, while increasing the efficiency of the engines. A few nifty tricks here or there resulted in nearly an entire ounce of the catalyst being gathered, while none were the wiser.

Earned My First Credit:
Once he had the bank account, he sold the catalyst and began to have interest in the finances of the cluster. Sano quickly picked up some minor brokerage skills, which would be useful if he was ever to have a free family. Who knows, with enough time, perhaps he’d be able to free enough Pexursine to colonize their own planet, away from the slave dens. This would need to be done slowly, though, as the Human’s are suspicious and volatile by nature and Sano isn’t interested in becoming a wanted criminal for inciting rebellion.

Phase 4

Jumps Ship Quietly:
In the commotion of the battle between the two ships, Sano was able to jump from one ship to the other, without having been noticed. He can be a little stealthy, when the occasion calls for it and is acclimated to zero-G situations pretty well. As such, he boarded the Hunter-Gratzner and immediately went to the Engineering Bay. Much to his surprise, all the engineering crew had been killed in the fight among spaceships. He disposed of the bodies, discreetly, and began to repair the ship. After a few weeks of single-handed maintenance on the engines, the pilot noticed a small increase in engine output. Upon notifying the Captain, an interest was taken to see what Chief Engineer had done. Once the Captain had discovered the shedder in the Engineering Bay and that he’d been maintaining the ship on his own, he granted him legitimate freedom while registering the Hunter-Gratzner with the Guild.

Humans are Foolish:
As further proof of Human foolishness, Sano was able to board the Hunter-Gratzner without notice, nor with incident for a few weeks. Sano is fairly confident others look down upon him for being a Pexursine, a quality he likes to exploit when possible. The result of this makes his interactions with fellow Pexursine a bit gruff, although he feels a hidden empathy with them. To Human’s he seems to have a superiority complex when dealing with Pexursine, although he actually pities them and wishes to get them the freedom he’s obtained.

Phase 5

Buy a Wife:
As he’s aged some, he would like to get a wife at some point, one whom would be free from the bonds of servitude most Pexursine have. He’s not sure whether he’ll need to buy her freedom himself, or if the right candidate will cross his path on their own. With time, he hopes to start a family of his own, but for the most part would like a compatriot to his brokerage plans. If the two of them were skilled enough, that colonization he thought of as a kid might become more than a fleeting fancy.

Become a Freesine:
The Freesines are an underground organization dedicated to freeing the slaves of the cluster, Pexursines, and grant them equal rights. He would like to join them at some point, but their covert and somewhat destructive reputation has held him back thus far. If some of the claims of the mass media about some attacks having come from the Freesines were more fiction than fact, he might be better able to justify joining them.

Sano Amara Memoria

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