Johnny Rand



“I can do the legwork”
“No harm in a little theft”
Cyberoptical Upgrade
“Never goin’ back to Eden”
(Amateur) Mechanic
AWOL from Eden
Maybe the Molemen ARE real
“With friends like these, don’t act like a moleman”
Hacking is a victimless crime
Technocriminal subcultures


Rank 5:
Rank 4:
Communications (MG)
Culture/Tech ( Stanrill, Heaven’s Forge, Pranashakti, Hell, (and Eden))
Rank 3:
Slug Throwers
Rank 2:
Micro G
Rank 1:


Credit Fraud: Substitute Computer for Assets
Military-Grade Communications
Integrated T3 Computer


Johnny usually carries a flechette pistol somewhere on his person, in addition to the T3 computer system connected to his hands and ocular implants. He doesn’t usually wear body armor, but he has a flak vest he snuck out of his ship when he got out of the navy.


Johnny grew up on Eden in a slum hab block in a Technocrat city. He was poor, but then again most Edenites are. His parents had their own shit, and so did he. In the habs, nobody really cares about the laws, and every kingpin needs their pawns. It was easy money, and Johnny was good at legwork.

For a while, it worked out. He did his job and got paid. Like most technocrats in Eden, he got a few upgrades. But it wasn’t enough. He could keep his head above water, but living in the habs takes something out of you. He’d seen it too many times to sit around planetside, rotting into the walking tragedies he saw all around him. Course, getting a berth on a ship in Eden isn’t like it is in Stanrill or Vesta. Any ship the Technocrats could get their hands on went to the navy; it’s the only way for Eden to survive. So he did the only thing there was to do and joined up. Not much about the navy life really sunk in for him, but eventually, he made it up to chief comms officer aboard a raider. He had a knack for subverting firewalls and sabotaging systems and it got him his stateroom and two shiny bars on his collar.

Johnny Rand

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