Home to an ancient culture, at once united and divided by religion

For as long as any other system in the cluster has had slipdrive technology, the people of Yasin have plied the trade lanes of their own system. They claim to have thousands of years of history under the rule of the Hierophant Council and the Creator they represent. Any Yasinite will tell a traveler of Yasin’s special place in the universe as god-given home for the wanderers from Origin.

The Yasinite histories are part documentary and part myth. Their numerous books and databases detail vast centuries of conflict, reformation, and shifting of power in their own system alongside tales of miracles and prophets. Many contemporary historians interested in the human planet of origin or of the Diaspora come to Yasin for these histories in attempts to piece together the chronicle of Humanity’s first journeys amid the stars.


Yasin: A bright-yellow, hotter-than-average star.


Mesopotamia: The only garden world in the system, this world is home to the majority of the population. It is also home to the Council of Heirophants, the religious leadership of the system.
New Phoenicia: A desert world, just inside the habitable zone of the system. Great wealth lies among the rocky crags of its mountain regions, and perhaps buried under the great sands of the dune seas.
Cryos: This cold planet is mostly covered under a thick layer of ice. It’s habitable, though the atmosphere is thin enough to require a respirator while outdoors. It was originally colonized as a refueling point and trading post for ships travelling to the mineral-rich outer system. Its citizens also mine ice, which they export as drinking water and reaction mass.

Aside from these three planets, the Yasinities have also colonized numerous moons and planetoids throughout the outer system. Among the countless small colonies built over the centuries, there a few notable ones:

Midpoint: A port colony on a large planetoid orbiting in the inner of Yasin’s two asteroid belts. It was originally a mining colony though the rock upon which it was built has long since been depleted of all the useful minerals that could safely be mined, thanks to the size and population of Midpoint itself. Midpoint’s population varies wildly as prospectors move outward and older Yasinites move inward to retire on a real planet. Currently, it is home to some 400,000 souls.

Purgatory: Purgatory is a prison colony, home to the most cruel and dangerous criminals of Yasin. It is one of the most distant colonies of the system, on a moon orbiting a gas giant beyond the second asteroid belt. Being some 40AU from Yasin itself and 20AU from the next-most-distant colony, local (T1) technology requires specially-equipped long-range vessels to even make the round trip from most departure points in the system. Adequately-equipped ships at the local tech level would take nearly 3 months to reach Purgatory from the slipknot.

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Tech 1
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Religious Oligarchy
New Mecca
War for the Waters of Mesopotamia
Ancient History


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