System Template

Tagline for the system.

Some text about the system. Maybe break this into multiple sections with headers if you have a lot to say about the system. Or make another page and link to it here if you have a really, really huge amount to say. You can automatically make new pages by entering the text [ [ NewPageTitle ] ] (with the spaces removed). Clicking on the link that makes will let you edit the new page. That also works for linking to existing pages.


A star: Anything pertinent about the star. Maybe just the color; after all the color of the sun/sky is an important facet of a planet.

Notable Planets

Some stuff about the notable planets. Again, if you have a lot to say, consider a sub-page

Game Info

Actual planetary stats.

Tech -1
Environment 1
Resources -1


Brokers of the Cluster
Why build what you can buy?
Metal Poor

System Template

The Geminorum Cluster pybersunk