A system of banks, moneybrokers, and very little else.

Long ago, this system may have supported a starfaring culture, but the prospect of that happening again is unlikely. The only planet in the system habitable at Pranashakti’s current tech level is notably poor in a number of materials necessary to build spacecraft capable of carrying them out of Uman’s gravity well, let alone out to the rest of the cluster.

Despite their technological shortcomings, the people of the Pranashakti system have found a unique position in the cluster as bankers and moneybrokers. Businessmen and governments alike from all over the cluster come to Pranashakti for tax-free, anonymous bank accounts or for financial advice in general.

Pranashakti’s main material exports to the cluster are the necessities of life. Systems like Heaven’s Forge and worlds like Hope depend to a major degree on external sources for air, water and food. They are more than willing to trade excess metals, technology, or even whole starships for these goods.

Pranashakti’s position as trader and broker has kept them (mostly) out of the conflicts in the rest of the cluster, but they have managed to obtain a small defense force of system ships from Heaven’s Forge. The ships are deliberately lower-tech (T2), and have no slip drives. They would certainly be able to go toe-to-toe with the average pirate raider or the like, but would fail utterly in the event of full-scale invasion.



Orange, sort of dim, with a fairly placid level of solar activity.

Notable Planets


Game Info

Tech -1
Environment 1
Resources -1


Brokers of the Cluster
Why build what you can buy?
Metal Poor


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