Pranashakti Defense Cruiser

The workhorse (technically the only horse) of the PDF

T2 Pranashakti System Defense Cruiser

V-Shift 2
Beam 1
Torpedo 3
EW 2
Trade 0


Nuclear Warheads (Torpedoes attack Heat as well as Frame) (8)


On lease from the Forge
Low-tech crew
Rotating crew section
Only the finest make it to space
Built to last


Wary after Hope’s rebellion and Eden’s constant raids of the other systems, the Pranashakti government decided they needed some measure of military protection against raids by privateers or worse. Their own resources and technology would be woefully inadequate to achieve this task, so the Central Bank of Uman did what they usually did when they couldn’t figure out a way to build something: they bought it off their neighbors.

The details of the Treaty of Protection between Heaven’s Forge and Pranashakti are somewhat arcane, but among the benefits Pranashakti received was a small fleet of these slow but fierce warships. Though its overall capabilities are laughably pathetic compared to usual Forge ships, it maintains its edge in engagements by focusing on combat capabilities over all else. Where a pirate raider may sacrifice weapons or power for some modicum of space to store the loot, the System Defense Cruiser is designed only for war.

Pranashakti Defense Cruiser

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