The Spear Maiden

An extremely-recently-liberated pirate ship from Eden



V-Shift 3
Beam 2
Torpedo 2
Trade 3
EW 0

Stress Tracks

Frame OOO
Data OOO
Heat OOO


Out of Ammo
Sometimes trade involves take
Heavy crew casualties
Questionable History
Owes Rufus 15%


T2 Slipdrive


This ship was commissioned out of Eden by Xaleph Shipping, Inc a mere five years ago. Like most Technocrat ships, it is mostly made of bioplast of varying grades, using metal only where absolutely necessary. As a consequence of its Technocrat manufacture and the materials of which its composed, its corridors and exterior are largely gleaming antiseptic white, accented with brightly-colored controls. It’s often said that Technocrat ships look more modern than the latest luxury liners from Stanrill, despite their technological inferiority.

The ship is crewed mostly by Pexursines, though a few of the officers and defenders are human.

The exact circumstances leading to the Spear Maiden’s stint of piracy are unknown; however, Technocrat corporations (like most other government bodies in the Cluster) are often accused of hiring privateers to acquire resources and ensure that none of the powers of the cluster come to dominate it.

The Spear Maiden

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