Admiral-Justicar Kazi Saleh

Commander of the Fifth Fleet of New Phoenicia, Yasin



Tactics 5
Resolve 4
Charm 3
Archaeology 2
Assets 1


“I am the law!”
Daddy got him the job
Compassionate heart
Aristocratic Birth


Have a Thing: The Fifth Planetary Defense Fleet, New Phoenicia, Yasin


Commands one of two fleets charged with the defense of New Phoenicia in the Yasin system. His rank, Admiral-Justicar, is third under the supreme commander of the Yasin Navy.

Though he’s by no means bad at his job, it is well-known that his father, a bishop of great importance, has exerted his influence to speed Saleh along on his career.

He once negotiated with the crew of the Hunter Gratzner for control of the survivors of the losing side of a battle against pirates. He ended up levying a considerable fine against the survivors, which was paid by Rufus

Admiral-Justicar Kazi Saleh

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