The Geminorum Cluster

Adventure 3

Firefight in the Streets

91-403 SC

After our captain, the esteemed Rufus Killjoy, haggled with a bishop of some stature in the church, our medical supplies were purchased at the pre-established price, even though we had arrived a tad late. The bishop was quite understanding about our run in with the Justicar, noting that we were fairly “lucky” to have made it out so easily. After our peaceful negotiations and we collected the easy money, transferred in a surprisingly clandestine way (all liquidated credits, free of tracing, or a bank’s influence).

Then, the slow unloading of the ship began, projected to take a week or so by our crew. Once the ship began the process, the officers began to get a bit restless, waiting for the ship to be back up and running along the cosmos. As a result, each of them went down to the planet to blow off some steam. Some of the crew looked for work, others for relaxation, and yet others for pleasure.

Captain Rufus quickly found himself in the able hands of a knowingly lovely lady, who didn’t protest his attentions whatsoever. Security officer Jones went down to the planet to find some unsavory individuals and perhaps locate some quick credits. Engineer Sano went to the planet and found a bar to relax in, ignoring pointed stares at his alien origin. Pilot Dominic found himself looking for the molemen, stumbling around the city in a rather manic paranoia. Lastly, techie johnny faded into the woodwork, muttering something about upgrading our EW (Electronic Warfare) systems and our lacking capabilities.

As Jones found and secured a job moving some cargo, with unspecified contents, Dom found a den of suspicious looking characters (who must have been in cahoots with the Molemen). After this discovery, Dom pulled out his candy, some sticks of Pocky, and meandered towards the doorway. As he drew near, the guard asked what was in Dom’s hands. Dom showed the guard some pocky sticks, drawing one forth and munching on it. The guard waved his flourished his gun and told Dom to get lost. Dom quickly ran away, squeaking in fear of being shot, dropping his Pocky in the process.

At this point, Rufus had sealed the deal and was beginning to leave with the package from the bar. Sano was relaxing in a corner, keeping a watchful eye out for potential trouble. Then the bomb detonated. A roaring sound came from the North-East region of the slums, causing quite a commotion. The Pocky sticks Dom had left, making them seem quite innocuous, was actually a very potent bomb.

As soon as the bomb exploded, Sano bolted out the door into the middle of the street to assess the damage and potential hazards to his crewman (Jones, who obviously just made some kind of clandestine deal). Several armed men came into the street shooting at the populace fleeing and also Sano. His hide prevented any serious damage. Jones then entered the street and began returning fire.

Shortly thereafter, Sano continued northward and found another officer, Dom. After a quick call to Rufus, the captain was on his way for a quick pickup of Jones. Jones continued to cover the officers, shooting to kill, rather than incapacitate, as Sano prepped for escape. Sano leapt into a nearby car, hot-wired it, then jumped to the side as Dom took the wheel. About this time, Rufus drove by, propped the door opened and continued driving past as Jones jumped inward. Jones wasn’t quite done yet, as he stood, door waving, firing back at the mobsters.

This series of stunts couldn’t help the image of the crew manning the Hunter-Gratzner, as they had just violated numerous laws, slain multiple people and angered the local crime boss in the process. As the new day begins, it’s unsure of what awaits the officers. Hopefully, the bureaucracy won’t be able to determine the perpetrators quickly, or some unfortunate circumstances could ensue, like the confiscation of our prize (the Spear Maiden).

--End of Adventure 3--


Added dates. Otherwise this matches my memory of the events as they transpired.

(My comment on [[Adventure 2]] was a misclick, as I wished to comment on this post :\ )

Adventure 3

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